Greenwood Estate

The Sims 4 Legacy story

What if a socialite dropped everything; money, fame, connections – and started over? That is exactly what Yvonne Greenwood did. The day of her young adult birthday her friends challenged her the Ultra Extreme Legacy Start:

She has to move to the biggest lot on top of the hill in Del Sol Valley, with no money in her pocket, in winter… How she can have the lot? A §35,000 “loan” she has to pay back in her lifetime, or the lot will go back to the original owner and challenge is over.

Her goal is to start a bloodline that spans 10 generations, following a traditional equality xenophobic democracy heir law. Spouses can join the household, but they have to give up any savings before moving into the house.

The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules

Update: I’m no longer playing strictly by the rules (there are many!) because I don’t care about tracking scores, but I follow the bloodline rules and spouse rules.

The main change is sims can change their aspirations depending on what activities I want them to do. I might take inspiration from some of the collections if I need my family to work toward something, but not for points.

Also I won’t give them rewards that I feel is too overpowered, like Moneytree, Forever Full, Never Weary etc.

I might also invent extra challenges they have to overcome 😉

Good luck!

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